Your roof (the forgotten asset): what it can contribute to your remodel and EVERYDAY LIFE!

This is my second review for Mike Pittman, his staff, quality products and their service. They get an “A” Rating for all the “normal reasons” BUT, this review doesn’t address those typical issues; this review and “A” rating goes beyond those points: it’s for “out of the box thinking”, problem solving and forward planning. For readers who want the “short version”: I’m taking the time to write this review because IF ASKED, Mike can do much more than roof repairs and replacement; he can suggest to any homeowner, reasonably priced ways help you use your roof as a remodel asset that you will see benefit from immediately and every day forward.
Truthfully, most people only call roofers to get damage repaired or roofs replaced; many times only willing to spend the limited funds that insurance appraisals will cover. We, as homeowners rarely consider a roofer when doing a remodel…or… to address low light or current problem areas inside the house. Mike and his staff can work with homeowners to bring natural light in areas where needed, including (but not limited to) a basement. Yes, I said natural light in a basement! Whether your designing a new home, planning a remodel or even just looking for affordable solutions to remedy dark areas in your current home, consider the assets your roof and a knowledgeable installer can provide. In my experience, Mike and his staff are always up to a challenge and actually enjoy applying creative thinking with current products to accomplish your goal.
Recently, I hired him to install three Velux Sun Tunnels. Mike had installed one for us when he replaced our roof about 2.5 years ago. At that time, my husband, didn’t think a 10 inch sun tunnel would provide much light, but when he came home the day Mike installed it, he asked why I hadn’t requested more! My husband was amazed by the amount of light that flooded our interior guest-room shower (it’s in the center of the house without any windows, so the room was always dark). Infact, several months back, we had overnight company that used that bathroom. Before he left, my visiting brother-in-law actually walked up to my husband and apologized for leaving the light on in his bathroom because he couldn’t find the light-switch to turn off the light in the shower! TRUE STORY! So, we decided to add three more sun tunnels: in our walk-in pantry (also an interior room), an interior hallway and over our master-bath shower (which is on the north side of the house). For the record, our master-bath already had two exterior wall windows, but the shower was always dark and seemed dirty; but not now! I can’t believe how the added light makes the shower walls so bright white and the entire area feels fresh and clean! It feels like a spa in there now: we LOVE all the new Velux Sun Tunnels! Most of ours are the smallest 10 inch size, but we put a 14 inch into our bathroom, because we could add a $49 light kit to it as well (not available for the 10 inch size).
Back to my original point: These Velux Sun Tunnels can be installed anytime/anywhere. They are extremely reasonable in price, haven’t leaked a drop, and they are a very cost-effective way to gain light in your home where you need it. I honestly can’t believe how a little bit of natural light adds bounce to your morning mood and frankly, value to your home because the natural light gives an immediate impression of being “updated and new”. If you want light in your basement, the highly reflective tubing is small enough that it can be run in the back of a closet, laundry room or even be framed into a small hidden cubby next to a bookcase or existing wall. Another option: I’m even considering adding two more sun tunnels, that would tie into my existing drywall tunnels for our original two large glass skylights in our kitchen. Those drywall ceiling tunnels are angled for skylights that face westbound (afternoon light mainly, so the room is dark all morning). If a sun tunnel was added on the opposite side of the roof pitch and tied into the existing drywall tunnels, my kitchen could benefit from natural light both pitches (both morning and afternoon)!
Basically, the “sky is the limit” as far as applications go; provided you have a skilled installer, trained by Velux reps/installers (which Mike was). But remember, you have to find an installer who listens to your issues, then who can pair creative critical thinking skills to quality rated/energy efficient products on the market…so you can get the solution you’re looking for, at a cost-effective price. Mike (and his staff) are good listeners and they care about happy and satisfied clients.

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