September 23, 2014
Contractor inspected roof and provided estimate for repairs and new roof.
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My parents were switching insurance companies and the new company said that there where some repairs that needed to be made on the roof before they would cover it. I made the mistake of contacting the old insurance company first and they sent out an adjuster. Based on the adjuster’s input the old insurance company said they would only cover repairs and since the repairs were under the deductible there would be nothing paid. Being very frugal, initially the most my dad wanted to do was repair the roof. I found Mike Pittman on Angie’s List and liked the reviews so I contacted him. He showed up early for the appointment, inspected the roof and provided an estimate for the repair. He also advised that with the condition and age of the roof that he could not guarantee the repairs and more work would probably need to be done within a year. He thought  it would be worth trying to contact the insurance company again. He also gave a ballpark figure for replacement so I could pass it on to my dad.

I called the insurance company and gave them Mike’s contact information. After Mike talked to them he came to the conclusion based on the discussion that we would simply be wasting time trying to get the roof covered because the old insurance company was talking about sending out an engineer as well as the adjuster. He said his experience with that is it never resulted in the company covering replacement of the roof. I asked him to let me know when he could make the repairs.

When I discussed it with my dad, he had a change of mind and wanted to see written estimates for replacement of the roof and since it was for replacement, I wanted bids from at least two contractors. Again, Mike showed up slightly before the scheduled time and provided a very professional estimate. Unfortunately, both companies proposed the exact same roof vent and shingles and the other local company was $300 less so we ended up selecting the other contractor.

Mike was always very professional and prompt. I would definitely recommend considering him for your roofing needs.

Jeff Lines

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