Pittman Roofing LLC

Pittman Roofing LLC is a Missouri company formed in 2011. It was created by Michael Pittman a life long resident of Missouri. Michael has been working in the roofing trade since high school days. This means he has worked as a roofer for 13 plus years. He started out working for other roofing companies gaining experience and knowledge along the way.

MikeThen in 2011 an opportunity came along and he decided to go into business for himself.  That is when the journey began. With that decision Michael had to apply for business license from the state of Missouri, get the necessary insurance needed, find customers, hire employees, do advertising, create an accounting system and many more details one does not think about when they say. ” I’m going to start a business”.

Then after finding the first customers this wild ride began. It was so much easier to work for someone else, just show up and collect a paycheck. Sometimes he thinks it was just crazy, but in the end all additional hard work, long hours is starting to become “normal”. He truly enjoys helping people with their problems with their homes. When you have a problem with your roof it can be very stress full, especially if water from the rain is dripping on your favorite chair.

Today Michael is married to Amber and they have a little girl, McKenzie. He and his family live in the Troy, Mo. area and Pittman Roofing has worked on several homes & businesses in the area over the last few years.